The Cyber-Wellness podcast was developed to explore the impact of technology on mental health and wellbeing. It aims to feature very personal perspectives on the use of social media and other digital solutions. The authors of this podcast would like to interview a wide range of Bristolians and Bristol-visiting individuals (ultimately, we would also like to engage with voices from other parts of the UK and the world) on their experiences and work in this area. The main aim of this podcast is not to provide answers, but to open up discussions. The goal is to feature a wide range of personal and professional opinions and findings around cyber-wellness. We all have different views on our wellbeing and relationship with digital technologies. Every opinion and every idea matters - and has a place -  in this extremely important discussion.

For more background on the podcast and cyber-wellness please read Our Story here. For more about the authors click here

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If you agree with us and think this is an important topic there are few ways you can help us:

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