Our Approach

The Cyber-Wellness podcast was developed to explore the impact of technology on mental health and wellbeing. It aims to feature very personal perspectives on the use of social media and other digital solutions. The main aim of this podcast is not to provide answers, but to open up discussions. 

Our Story

This podcast is born out of six months of meetings, coffees, conversations and shared learnings and experiences. Now we would like to include a wider range of voices in this discourse. Read our story here.

Meet the Authors

Bernie and Sylwia met in summer 2017 and very quickly realised that their interest meet exactly in the area of cyber-wellness.

Bernie Ritchie

Marketing consultant and Coach. Supporting small businesses and individuals with their brand-building and marketing needs as well as supporting individuals and small groups with life transformation and business success coaching.

Sylwia Korsak

 Social media advisor and practitioner helping individuals, organisations and brands articulate their stories with the help of the social web. Word of mouth marketer advising nonprofits and commercial brands on informed, realistic, sustainable digital strategies. Trainee cyber wellness counsellor.

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